Wilson Bryan Key Ph.D. (January 31, – October 8, ) was the author of several books Subliminal Seduction: Are You Being Sexually Aroused By This Picture? a.k.a. Ad Media’s Manipulation of a Not So Innocent America (). 27 Jan And a number of years later, an overwrought Wilson Bryan Key wrote Subliminal Seduction, in which he claimed that advertisers embedded. BOOK REVIEWS SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION by Wilson Bryan Key. New. Signet, pp. Paper, $ MEDIA SEXPLOITATION by Wilson Bryan Key.

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The science fiction genre is busting at the seams with horror scenarios in which individuals become absorbed in some collective mind that wipes out their capacity for free will: The sublimonal could not.

Oct 16, Mkfs rated it did not like it. Trivia About Subliminal Seduction. The headlines had run their course, and to this day it’s a generally accepted fact that flashing brief messages onscreen produces a desired behavior, despite the fact it never happened.

Oh sure, some advertising creatives may have tried to sneak something in somewhere, and during the 50s there were sufficient attempts at inserting frames into motion pictures that laws were enacted against this sort of thing. Aug 28, Maxwell Bauman rated it it was amazing. What’s emerging from this fascinating scientific literature is that subliminal messages often can affect thoughts and behavior, at least for a short period of time, and at least if the message aligns with the audience’s state of mind at that time.

There is however some great intrigue to be had in reading this. Subliminal means below the threshhold of conscious perception. The word appears right around the threshold of perception—if you watch the ad, paying very close attention, you just may be able to see it.

I read this stuff as a young grad student Deconstructing the Rothschild Conspiracy. In all, 45, customers watched Vicary’s movies. My friends all think I’m nuts when I point out these taboo images, but they’ve closed themselves to the reality of what’s being bombarded at them.

No, really, they only want you to think that because you’d have to be crazy to see that much sexual imagery in ice cubes. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He retained his personal copyright on the Intro, incidentally, so he could have pulled it at any time maybe the moment where Key was supporting the Fundamentalist assault against reason by testifying in the famous Judas Priest suicide case would have been a good point?


We are constantly being manipulated by ad copy writers; Political ads especially. James Vicary, a self-promoting market researcher, jumped in to take credit for the “experiment”. Equally I cannot agree to schizophrenia is induced by the ability to consciously perceive subliminal artefacts – the evidence is yet to be presented in support of this case by any expert in this area.

Key’s assertions have inspired whole college curricula dedicated to propagating the claim that the advertising industry systematically influences the public with subliminal advertising. Sep 13, Dori Sabourin rated it it was amazing. In the second, sexual imagery is cunningly hidden within artwork to make it more compelling for no consciously discernible reason.

Wilson Bryan Key

And so there it was. He was probably killed by Men in Black for discovering the truth. Comment Post Comment Your name.

I first heard about this book mentioned in the Kubrick documentary “Room A STEM-focused c 3 educational nonprofit. Subliminal Seduction was a popular advertising concept in the wwilson, but although this book was fun to read, subliminal advertising was debunked decades ago.

But a the techniques do not actually work, and b the evidence that Wilson Key finds are as imaginary as the lyrics found by playing rock LPs backwards using the ol’ belt twist during the great satanic cult scare of the early 80s. He has no understanding about how advertising works, [or] how the people in it do their job.

Subliminal Seduction

We are endowed with the ability to discern and analyze these things as humans, but seldom do we. I read it soon after it was published. I’ve seen it in commercials for bottled water, and seafood, and hotels, and all these things that seem innocent enough, but actually have super kinky message.


Can Pets Affect our Partner Preferences? Historically, fears about mind control in the hands of marketers peaked several decades ago. She is the lead author of the forthcoming book Sold on Language. One of the panelists pointed out that first of all, there is no subliminal aspect to the boldly pictured swimming pool; and second of all, please show us an ad in which you do not find hidden sexual messaging.

It starts off by emphasizing that you need to relax and in so many words, not be an prude to see the hidden layers in ads. Even my childhood favorite A Wrinkle in Time has the heroic Meg tesseracting to save her little brother from having his brilliant and unusual mind vacuumed up by the throbbing, pulsing centralized brain of IT.

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As it happens, I took a series of advertising seminars earlier in my career with a panel of local ad executives. I first became aware of the use of subliminal suggestion in advertising when a friend pointed out the imbedded messages in the ice cubes of all those liquor ads in magazines. At least, I couldn’t find any.

Brtan Press Room Contact. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Even in cases where he has magnified the image until the grains from the photograph are clearly visible is he claiming that we all carry around unconscious microscopes behind our eyes?

Loved this book – This is the book that sparked my interest in Psychology and various ways in which it is used in our products everyday. Draping a bikini model across the hood of a Camaro is not keu advertising. But to study the issue with honest skepticism, we must dismiss the advertisers’ statements as anecdotal and focus only on testable evidence. Nothing like this was ever done.