How To Make A Can Crusher | Pneumatic Can Crusher Plans – YouTube. Air Powered Pneumatic Can Crusher by ibdilbert – I’ve been wanting to build this. Have a suggestion? A question? Want to give us feedback on our products? Fill out the form below and send us a message! Name. Email Address. Type of. I have put together a very well documented guide, to build your own pneumatic PVC can crusher. This can crusher is constructed from easy to find parts at any.

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The crusher is made from three pneumatic can crusher parts, the motor that moves wheel of an old bicycle, which moves cranks with two metal bars and large wooden blocks at the end as crushing plates. From the design of the tool this is one crusner my all time favourite aluminum can crusher ever.

Automatic can crushers |

Pneumatic can crusher duty steel construction. Feedback Question Suggestion Other. These electric can crushers work automatically using some sort of electric engine and gear system on most crushers.

The crusher is made from an old engine, has got both metal and wood parts. Accepts 16 oz Cans up to 7″ Tall.

This a very interesting and creative concept for an electric can crusher form a popular YouTube channel The Ben Heck Show, where Ben shows step by step how he plans, designs and makes an electric can crusher out of PVC pneumatic can crusher and aluminum. Even more, the sturdy all-steel construction is durable.


Always searching for ways to improve myself and the environment around me. This experiment is definitely the next level can crusher.

Lot of 2 – 16oz Aluminum Can Crusher. Can Crusher Filter Applied. New 16 oz Can Crusher for Aluminum Can.

The clever part of this automatic can crusher is that doors work as an activator for the crushing mechanism, you must open the pneumatic can crusher, insert an aluminum crushef into an opening and closing the door will activate the crushing mechanism, the can will get compressed and pneumatic can crusher on the bottom of the crusher. Pneumatic can crusher hook to your air compressor and get to crushing.

Pneumatic Aluminum Can Crushers. Easily crushes aluminum cans up to 3″ wide and 7″ tall. Or you can mount it cruusher on the wall. Delivery Options see all. I chose this can crusher because it is a very interesting experiment that can teach kids the basics of physics and hydraulics.

Very soft cushion grip handle.

Multi Crush Can Crusher – Features all steel construction. The Pneumatic can crusher aluminum can crusher holds ten cans. Crushsr Duty Steel Construction. We also found that the same person has constructed a pneumatic can crusher so make sure to check out his channels for inspiration to build your own automatic can crusher.

The cylinder is powered with a regular garden pneumatic can crusher pressure pneumatic can crusher uses an electric computer and electric sprinkler valves. April 23, at 9: This of course is not a very practical can crusher and cannot compete with other crushers and is actually not automatic, but anyway I liked the idea behind this experiment and so included the pneumatiic in this list.


Check Out Our Products! This one is Gloss Orange. Using plastic makes this a very cheap to make tool. Of course the crusher takes up a lot of space, is very loud and is not the most attractive tool, but from the effectiveness this tool is hard to beat.

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This is hands down the best pneumatic can crusher I have seen, it works fully automatic and the author of this tool even has made an interesting video pneumatic can crusher the workings of this amazing crusher. Can be mounted on xrusher. Minimal storage space required.

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This tool has got a wooden frame, where inside a pneumatic cylinder is placed. Let’s face it – NO ONE enjoys crushing cans all day even if you’re the rare person that does, why not make it more exciting?

The video has got two episodes so make sure pneumatic can crusher check both of them out as they are very entertaining and show a very crksher way to build an automatic can crusher with an electric motor. In this article Pneumatic can crusher wanted to show various types of automatic can crushers there are.