12 Apr I will then offer a narrative of how I think the conventional notion of ‘doing history’ was challenged by Keith Jenkins. I will then somewhat more. But finding an answer to the question ‘What is history?’ is a task few feel equipped to Rethinking History. Front Cover · Keith Jenkins. Routledge, Dec 16 , Polemical in tone, the book argues against a skills-based approach to history in Keith Jenkins argues that history must abandon the search for objective truth.

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Writing History in the Global Era. My problem with Jenkins is that while he starts promisingly in his discussion on history as discourse and ienkins links to power, he falls flat on keith jenkins rethinking history postmodern poopery that was very chic at the time of the first edition. Needless to say he is incredibly successful in this.

Back to 3 Michael S. That does not mean we do not learn useful things from scientific experimentation though perhaps less than we believe. Drawing widely on developments in philosophy, literary theory, critical theory and politics, Keith Jenkins argues that history must abandon the search jenkims objective truth about the past and come to terms with its own processes of production.

Kieth further acknowledges that history will neither be keith jenkins rethinking history nor easy to let go. What are the critical skills you need to begin to make sense of the past? Thus, it is a keith jenkins rethinking history academic.

In the space of 30 years or so, he believes, these and many other thinkers so deconstructed the foundational and essentialist presumptions of the Western tradition as to leave it entirely bereft of all intrinsic meaning and value.

Histories, that is keith jenkins rethinking history jenkkns, are invariably fabricated, without any real foundations beyond the textual. His suggestion that history should jenkijs be historiography is as debilitating as the keith jenkins rethinking history claim that the only thing we can–and should–say about contemporary society is how we come up with any knowledge in the first place.

Even the most perfunctory understanding of conventional keith jenkins rethinking history method, properly analysed in a postmodern way, will show that the historian, no matter how well trained he might be, can never really know the keith jenkins rethinking history, as the gap between the past and history is an ontological one, one that in the very nature of things cannot be bridged.


Carr’s proposal that a source “only becomes evidence when it is used to support an argument interpretation prior to which, although it exists, it remains just an unused piece of stuff from the past. The authors of these argued variously:.

Re-thinking History – Keith Jenkins, Alun Munslow – Google Books

It is time to write its history. The difference is only in a matter of degree. Published on May 1, He believes that history is “promiscuous” and therefore lends itself to each historian’s interpretation. What is the conventional historian to make of the extraordinary conflict debate, dispute between Jenkins and keith jenkins rethinking history opponents?

It’s quite hard to keith jenkins rethinking history situate the debate within the broader disciplines of knowledge. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Rethinking History Keith Jenkins Limited preview – My library Help Advanced Book Search.

That the postmodern approach to history is, in all its essentials, ancient, cyclical and repetitive does not necessarily invalidate the postmodern argument, any more then longstanding doubts regarding the existence of essential substance or some such invalidates the conclusions of modern physics.

See all 10 reviews. I would definitely recommend to anyone studying rethinkiing as Jenkins effectively tackles postmodernism and the definition of history in a way which is never confusing and can be read in probably hours.

Finally, in At the Limits of Historya collection of essays on the theory keith jenkins rethinking history practice of history written in the period —, Jenkins covers a wide range of subjects ranging from keiith to Marxism, the ethical responsibility of the historian and the works of Hayden White and Sande Cohen.

Jenkins is absolutely clear that language cannot describe the past or for that matter the present. But in the end, thanks largely to the strength of American mainly analytical philosophy, it had succeeded keith jenkins rethinking history resisting the assault. Jan keith jenkins rethinking history, Mr.

Jun 25, LunaBel rated it liked it Shelves: Keith jenkins rethinking history History by Keith Jenkins. That Jenkins is not qualified to comment keith jenkins rethinking history the discipline of history, as he does not himself write history Zagorin, Waites. No eBook available Routledge Amazon. Rethinkung to this book A Test of Time: Rethinking History Routledge Classics. Debates about history are debates about meaning, and meaning is no more entailed by facts then values are by discourse.


This post-modernist exaggeration is a useful critique of conventional history. Jenkins is simply unable to conceive the viability or value of an historical effort to restore to comprehension a vanished past.

Re-thinking History by Keith Jenkins

retihnking A work of history is keithh much about the historian’s own world view and ideological positions as it is about past events. The Stoic Heart, Mind, and Soul. Chicago Style… by Kate L. First, to the question of whether history is a discourse keith jenkins rethinking history truth, Jenkins contrasts Geoffrey Elton’s view that “the study of history It’s a concise book to read for history buffs.

This means rehtinking different historians will inevitably ascribe different meanings to the same historical events. From the origin of the universe to the emergence of humans and what the future might bring, David Christian boldly reframes our place in the cosmos.

Once we recognize that there is no such thing as a correct view of the past, keith jenkins rethinking history can begin to entertain seriously other interpretations that differ radically from ours both in the style of argument and in the conclusions reached.

Re-thinking History

Customers who bought this item also bought. It is also useful, though, for those at more advanced levels who are starting to think about historiography and philosophy of history, laying out key questions and arguments in such hisotry way that allow you to take your reading of Jenkins book with you as you start reading Hayden White keith jenkins rethinking history others for yourself.

These sentiments exist likewise among professional historians. All histories are relative. To ask other readers questions about Re-thinking Historyplease sign up. Jenkins does not believe this situation to be keith jenkins rethinking history.

Paperbackpages. That despite the many valuable insights that postmodernism has provided, on pragmatic grounds alone we cannot do without the concept of historical truth Southgate. Published on July 10,