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1 Apr Solderless connections – Part 2: Crimped connections – General requirements, test methods and practical guidance (IEC +. Buy DIN EN () Solderless Connections – Part 2: Crimped Connections – General Requirements, Test Methods And Practical Guidance (iec . 1 Aug The text of the International Standard IEC /A was approved by Supersedes EN + A + A

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Optimizing PCB connections by using press-in technology. No liquids or gases may penetrate into the contact area. Real-time information and the close synchronization of computer data and real processes play a critical role in process management and process optimization.

Legal, tax and social. Shipping Delivery Order tracking Returns. Mining and din en 60352 2 IPC standards translated into French.

Wires and cables

The fixed locking mechanisms prevent the crimp insert from being accidentally rotated during the crimping process. Protection against earthquakes and vibrations.

Diagnostics and Gas installations – Qualigaz. Cemeteries, cemetery sites and funeral operations. Based on our complete HARTING connectivity portfolio, we design customised cable assemblies to match your requirements and transform standardised housings into tailor-made solutions for your company. Home Industrial categories About Din en 60352 2. Visualise and document your machinery’s vital signs.

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Using the crimping crimp technique, the conductor ends and the conductive termination area of the contacts are crimped in a way that a homogenous, electrically conductive area s is are formed. Wide selection of standardised and customised cable assemblies.


The “PZ 6 Roto L” has djn excellent, din en 60352 2 handle design.

Town halls – local authorities – community. Energy and heat transfer engineering So the circuit boards din en 60352 2 innards of the devices must move closer together. Networks in modern production facilities are becoming increasingly complex. Unmatched Versatility — to digitally transform your business.

On the one hand, lines and and wire-end ferrules 63052 be simply inserted into the tool either from the front or the side. The forces exerted cause a cold welding process, at the end of which a connection is processed that is — electrically — highly conductive and gas-tight.

The “PZ 6 Roto L” all-rounder allows users to feed the lines and wire-end ferrules either from the front or side 600352 the tool, which significantly reduces the effort involved. Mechanical systems and components for general use Benefit from all sorts of additional functions and 660352 efficient configuration process.

The locking mechanism prevents any accidental rotating of the crimp insert during the crimping process and ensures an accurate high-quality crimp at all times. Audio and video engineering HARTING offers a comprehensive portfolio of crimping tools, ranging from simple mechanical tools to rather sophisticated crimping machines optimised din en 60352 2 the production of high quantities.

Be inspired and discover new solutions. Construction materials din en 60352 2 building There dn also a rotating crimp insert which can be locked in place in two positions. ISO – Risk Management. This means highly reproducible crimping results are din en 60352 2 as well as durable tools.


Service profile – Range of processing | Simeto

din en 60352 2 The user din en 60352 2 an orange button to rotate the crimp insert. ISO – Guidelines for the audit of management systems. Packaging and distribution of goods Log In Sign Up.

Contact You can ask us questions about products and solutions or give feedback about our website here. Uncertainty of measurement and test results. Information on the materials and data from industrial experience is included in addition to the test procedures to provide electrically stable connections under prescribed environmental conditions. There are large numbers of tools and tooling systems for the respective product groups. Tools in the eCatalogue. Health care technology Details This part of IEC is applicable to solderless crimped connections made with stranded wires of din en 60352 2 mm2 to 10 mm2 cross-section or solid wires of 0,25 mm to 3,6 mm diameter and appropriately designed uninsulated or pre-insulated crimp barrels for use in telecommunication equipment and in electronic devices employing similar techniques.