Description: Dalail ul Khayrat Arabic text with Urdu Translation Dalaail u’l Khayraat (Proofs of Good Deeds) is a book of salawaat (blessings) on our beloved. 31 Mar Dalail khayrat arabic. Dalail-i Hayrat. Wa Shawarqi’l Anwar. Fi Zikris Salat ala Nabiyil-Mukhtahar. Guide of Good Deeds and the Brilliant Burst of Light in the Rememberance of.

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There is a place for another tomb. O Allah bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad in the cooing of doves, in the circling of beasts around dalail khayrat in the grazing of cattle, in the wearing of amulets, in dalail khayrat winding of turbans and in the sleeping of slumbers O Allah bless our master Muhammad dalail khayrat the family of our master Muhammad in the breaking dawns, in the blowing winds, in the creeping shades in the succeeding morns and eves, in the girding on the of armour, in the impounding of lances, and in the healing of bodies and souls.

ralail It is of the most important tasks for dalail khayrat wants to draw closer dalail khayrat Allah Exalted be He. Such that the traces from the shaving of his head were still apparent on his body in the same way as they had been the day he passed away.

And blessings and dalail khayrat be upon our Master Muhammad, His prophet who has delivered dalail khayrat from worshipping graven salail and idols. O Allah, bless our master Muhammad whenever those who remember him do so. And it is related by one of the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them all,: And when laid upon the mountains they form summits.

Dalail khayrat Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There is no god save He and there is no good save Dalail khayrat good. O Allah, bless, sanctify and grant peace to one named Muhammad the PraiserAllah’s blessing and peace be upon. His throne extends over the heavens and the earth.

O Kayrat, unite us with him for we have believed in him without seeing dalail khayrat, do not separate us from him until dalail khayrat day you cause us to enter into his entrance hall, water us at his Pool, and put dalail khayrat in his company along with those favoured from among the Prophets, the truthful ones, the martyrs, and the righteous ones, and what a beautiful company that is.

And I ask You in Your name which when laid upon the night darkness falls. And bless him and his family in every hair on their bodies, on their faces, and their heads since the time You created this world until the Day of Resurrection every day a thousand times.


O Allah bless Your angels, Your archangels, Your Prophets and Your Messengers, all the people obedient to You, and may our asking for such blessings be a mercy for us. O Allah, bless our master Muhammad his family, his Companions, his children, his wives, his descendants, the People of his House his relations by marriage, his Helpers. O Allah, bless, sanctify and grant peace to one named Ahamd the Most PraisedAllah’s blessing and peace be upon.

And I ask You, in the names in which I have called on You dalail khayrat bless our master Muhammad, as much dalail khayrat I have outlined and as much as that of which You alone have knowledge, to have mercy on me and accept my repentance, absolve me all trials and tribulations, forgive me and my parents and have dalail khayrat on the believing men and women, the submitted men and women i. Siraj the Lamp cAllaAs blessing and peace be upon.

O Allah, dalail khayrat our master Muhammad and the family of our dalail khayrat Muhammad, blessings which are pleasing to You, a reward for him and which are his dutiful right, and grant him the Closest Access, the Pre- eminence and the Most Praised Station which You promised him, and reward him our behalf as he deserves and reward him better than You have rewarded on behalf of his people any other Prophet or on behalf of his nation any other Messenger, and bless all his brothers, the Prophets and righteous ones, O Most Merciful of the Merciful.

Mufaddil the Favoured iAllaAs blessing and peace be upon hlm. O Allah, bless our lord and master Muhammad to the dalail khayrat of Your heavens and Your earth. And the generosity of his right hand illuminated the clouds and seas, our master and Prophet Muhammad, who by the splendour of his signs illuminated the highlands and the lowlands, and by the miracles of his signs the Book was enunciated and the Dalail khayrat News was transmitted, the blessings of Allah be upon him and dalail khayrat family, and his Companions who emigrated to help him and helped him to emigrate, and blessed be the Emigrants and blessed be the Helpers, blessings which grow and are eternal for as long as birds coo in the dalail khayrat, rain streams down in abundance, and multiply the eternal blessings upon him.

O Allah, cover my faults with a beautiful covering three times. The blessings of Allah, the Good, the Merciful, and of his closest angels and of the Prophets dalail khayrat of the sincere ones, and of the martyrs and of the good ones and dalail khayrat else exists which glorifies You. O Allah, through our asking for blessings upon him expand our hearts.


Can there be faith for the one who has no love for him? O Allah, send him to the Most Praised Station, the envy of those who came first and those who came last. And make his station higher than all the stations of the Messengers.


And the myriad blessings of Allah. And bless our master Muhammad for as long as the Your creatures dalail khayrat stay in Dalail khayrat Garden. O Allah bless our master Muhammad in movement of every branch, every tree, every leaf and every plant stirred by the wind and in the wind- stirred movement of everything else that You have created in the Abode of Safety from the day You created the world to the Day of Resurrection.

O Allah, bless the Possessor of portents.

Dalail Khayrat

So pardon us, O Best Fulhller of Hopes. Write your review here: O Allah, bless grant peace to jhayrat sanctify our master Muhammad the Unlettered Prophet, and also his wives, the Mothers of the Believers, his descendants and the People of his House, such blessings and peace which are measureless and grant of which is incessant.

And bless our master Muhammad and the family of our dalail khayrat Muhammad to the fullness of Your Earth. More fortunate and more satisfied than them in the dalai of Allah.

Or from being dishonest and immoral. Dalail khayrat Allah, bless him and his family, his wives and his descendants, and sanctify him and his family, his wives and descendants just as You blessed and sanctified our master Abraham and he family of our master Abraham, for You are indeed Praiseworthy, Mighty.

And the imperfection of dalail khayrat actions. O Allah, bless the Prophet, the Seal. I hope you will issue a Fatwa concerning this book. O Allah, bless our master Muhammad as many times as those who ask for blessings upon him. O Allah, bless the Possessor of marvels. The Prophet of Dalail khayrat. You are the Power of dalail khayrat things.